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logo.gif I have so far not managed to ever keep a track of gifts given or received but i know of several people who do. so if any of you want to do so especially for an event etc. check out the site by clicking on the header above.

Pandora - Discover Music

I was talking to Ramesh just a short while back about all the changes that are taking place on Net currently. I dont want to shut down my computer most days thinking that i might miss out on something :P Some of the headache of digging out such information has lessened with my stumbling across techcrunch. A really cool site which reviews all the new "web 2.0" apps that are currently available online. The one that i decided to check up further on is Pandora. You give it a list of songs/artists that you like and it creates a radio station which will play those/similar songs. Incredible stuff. Really. You must try it out. I'm having a super time. It's playing in the background and i'm surfing too. happy times :P And for all those that havent tried the app on finding the next book to read - check it out. you wont regret it.

What time is it?

now you never have to worry about calculating and putting various world clocks on your desk for that once in a while occasion when you need to know the time in another country. Just click on the map and it gives you the time for that location. pretty neat.


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We had a surprise visitor on Friday in college. She had come to attend the annual workshop. Walked into the Litho Room. I asked her if I could take a picture and she very sweetly obliged. Wanted it for my portrait collection.

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" " " " Register your mobile and send free SMS's from your PC. I tried it out and it works.

Does Your Kid have ADD?

addadhd From the LifeHacker site Some symptoms Often fails to give close attention to details. Often makes careless mistakes in schoolwork, work, or other activities. Often has difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play activities. Often becomes easily distracted by irrelevant sights, sounds and extraneous stimuli. Often does not seem to listen when spoken to directly. Often does not follow through on instructions and fails to finish schoolwork, chores, or duties in the workplace. Often has difficulty organizing tasks and activities. Often avoids tasks, such as schoolwork or homework, that require sustained mental effort. Often loses things necessary for tasks or activities, like school assignments, pencils, books, or tools. Often is forgetful in daily activities. Rarely follows instructions carefully and completely.

College of Art

Click on the Header for a look at my College website. I am currently with both the 2nd year Painting class as well as the Sculpture students. I usually spend the morning in the Sculpture Dept and the Afternoons with the Painting. The 2 early morning classes that I attend weekly are History of Art and Methods and Materials (Painting). I am enjoying the experience enormously... so far :P

About Me

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A “self taught” artist, I am a happy mix of self learning and a bit more formally from artists in workshops and institutions.  And after 10 years of figuring things out, I wouldn’t want it any other way!

The journey of understanding and making art, for me, is a continuous learning process: Improving existing skills, learning new ones and most of all growing with the experiments and experiences.  Drawing and painting are an integral part of my life, something I am passionate about. This blog, Maya, documents the road traveled thus far.

People, their moods, interactions and emotions are an ongoing source of curiosity and interest to me. What I’m searching for is their inner personalities, their thoughts and there are stories I build around them as I work. I like portraying feelings of people when they are alone, lost in their thoughts, caught unawares or engaged in activity which has captured their attention. These are the special moments that appeal to me most. I love to experiment and use a variety of medium ranging from paint, charcoal, printmaking, to clay and the digital medium. Regardless, my focus remains fixed on the human form.


Solo Shows :

Chokher dekha, Praner Katha” a collection of select pieces made in the last 5 years with a concentration on work finished in the last 3.  Gallery Chitrak, Dhaka, May 29 – Jun 5, 2009

Group Shows :

Participated in the First Pullman's Art Night event hosted by the Pullman Hotel, Gurgaon, Haryana. April 5-12, 2013

Patterns & Expressions” a 3 Women Show held at AIFACS, New Delhi, February 18-24, 2012

“Room with a View” hosted by Nivedita Raitz von Frentz and Sandhya Reddy to showcase the work of 6 artists.  Colombo, November 19, 2011

Participated in Sri Lanka’s first “Colombo Art Biennale“.  The theme for the exhibition was “Imagining Peace“.  You can read about my entry here and about the piece I submitted hereSeptember 10 – 14, 2009

Mechanical Fantasy – Open Studio“, an exhibition of the work produced at the workshop. Britto Arts Trust, Dhaka. January 30, 2009

Jhaal Muri“, an Art & Photography Exhibition on Bangladesh Street Life.  Bay’s Galleria, Dhaka. November 8th – 23rd, 2008

13th Asian Art Biennale 2008, a key art event in the region, organised by Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka showcasing the art of established and young artists from 27 countries, October 21-November 19, 2008

Kormoshala Chapchitra Pradarshini, a group show of prints at the Gallery Chitrak based on work produced by workshop participants and a few guest artists, June 13th-18th, 2008.

In Search of Beautiful Impressions, a group show of prints with participation from leading artists and students of the Institute of Fine Art, Dhaka. June 2nd-4th, 2008 at the Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts

Friends & Faces, a Two Women Show, March 16th – 31st, 2008, Dhaka at the Standard Chartered Bank Art Gallery.

SHAKO Group exhibition and Poetry reading to mark International Womens Day, March 7 & 8th, 2008, Dhaka, Bangladesh hosted by Rubana Huq of Monsoon Letters.

UNWA Juried Silent Art Auction at the Mascara Ball 2007 to raise funds for the Hurricane Sidr Relief Fund. Held on December 7th at Pan Pacific, Hotel Sonargaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh.



The Three Stages of Painting with Cornelia Foss, October 20-21st and Composition and Design in Colour and Values with Brandon Soloff, November 5th-9th, 2012 at The Art Students League New York, New York

Studio Course in Drawing and Painting, with Chandraguptha Thenuwara at the Vibhavi Academy of Fine Art (VAFA), Colombo, October-January 2012

Painting from Life, Still Life and Landscape with Peter Homitzky, at The Art Students League New York, New York,  July 2010

Painting from Life, Portraiture, Composition, Color with Mary Beth McKenzie, at The Art Students League New York, New York,  July 2010

Studio Course in Printmaking, Mar – Apr, 2009, held by the University of Development Alternative, with Shahid Kabir.

“Mechanical Fantasy”, printmaking workshop, Jan 14th – 22nd, 2009, held by the Britto Arts Trust, an artist-led, not for profit trust committed towards promoting exchange and dialogue between artistic communities internationally and within the region supported by the Ford Foundation.

Painting from Life, Composition, Color with Philip Lawrence Sherrod, at The Art Students League New York, New York, August 2008

Sculpture : Modelling with Clay with Barney Hodes, at The Art Students League New York, New York, August 2008

Printmaking workshop with well known artist Shahid Kabir at University Of Development Alternative (UODA), Dhaka. May 30 & 31st, 2008

Printmaking workshop “In Search of Beautiful Impressions” with Professors Nirmalendu Das and Pinaki Barua from Vishwa Bharati, Shantiniketan organised and held at the Institute of Fine Arts, Dhaka, sponsored by the Bengal Foundation. May 18th – 24th, 2008.

Creative Drawing & Art Appreciation with Javed Jalil, Dhaka, Nov 2007.

Life Drawing with Kuhu Plamondon, Dhaka, June 2007.

Painting from Life, Portraiture, Composition, Color with Mary Beth McKenzie, The Art Students League New York, New York, July 2006.

Audited the BFA Painting & Sculpture programs, College of Art, New Delhi, 2005-06

Art Classes with Ebenezer Sunder Singh, Sangeet Shyamala, New Delhi, Feb –Apr 2005

Art Classes – drawing, Alexandria, Egypt, Feb 2003


Business Management, Marketing and Finance, XLRI, Jamshedpur, 1987-89